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       Findus' Offsprings 

         Findus' daughter Elin (the smallest one) with her friend George!


    Findus' and Aztie's (SUCH. NUCH ZOLBIETS ASTIECURLE ) puppies

           Bella (Zolbiets Golden Heart) 7 months old and newly groomed for DogShow


         Zimzon (Zolbiets Golden Zky), now 7 months old, groomed before the Borås Dogshow!


                 Born November 21st 2008 two females and two males


                                  Golden Heart, Golden Ztar, Golden Zky and  Golden Eye

                                               Playing in the garden

                                                Golden Eye

                                                Playing with Marie

                                                Tired small pupps!

                                               Anybody there to see us!!

                                          Meet the two beautiful females

                         Zolbiets Golden Eye                                            Zolbiets Golden Hart


                                                  Meet the two beautiful males

                   Zolbiets Golden Ztar                                              Zolbiets Golden Zky





                                             The milkbar is open...

                                             A nap after dinner is great!!

                                           The puppies are now 1 week old

              Male to the left  Female to the right

                            We are now three weeks old and shaven for the frist time

               Male to the left Female to the right

                                                 All four of us.

                                We have our new  names Golden Hart, Golden Eye, Golden Ztar & Golden Zky

                                                Food anyone??

                                                  Meat for the rist time!


                                                  Playing in our crib!

                                                  Input gives output!!!


                    Aztie is 5 years old today Dec. 5th 2008

                                                    Celebrating with my wonderful puppies!!

                                                My puppies eat and sleep!!!

         Findus' and  Bolla's (SNOBBHYLLANS CARRO ) puppy Elin

                                       I love attention!

                                        My beloved toy!!

                                        What do you mean you want it??

                    Pretty Elin


     Findus' and Aztie's (SUCH. NUCH ZOLBIETS ASTIECURLE ) puppies


                         From the left :Ludde, mother Aztie, Zalza and Zezar (litter from January 2007)     


                                                                       Zalza (Zolbiets Eazy Black Pearl )

                   Findus' and Zolo's ( Arnulvs Zolo)  puppies